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Harvard Referencing Overview

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Key things to remember

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Published: 13th May 2020

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  • excellent understanding of issues and debates
  • confidence in the selection and interpretation of materials/authority
  • logical and convincing development of an argument

1. Books

Citations for books with one author:

Last name, first initial. (Year). Title. Edition (if not the first edition of the book). City of publication: Publisher.

Davis, B. (2013). A History of Chocolate. Nottingham: Delectable Publications.
Davis, B. (2013). A History of Chocolate. 3rd ed. Nottingham: Delectable Publications.

A 2:1 piece will display most, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • a richer and more developed argument than a 2:2, with a clearly stated and well argued conclusion, showing the ability to range over appropriate areas of the subject matter with acuteness of analysis, intelligent challenges to the question set, and an abundance of appropriate authority or evidence intelligently applied
  • thorough knowledge of the subject; few if any minor factual errors
  • good understanding of issues and debates
  • a balanced and well considered answer to the question

2:2 Standard

A 2:2 piece will display most, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • a considered argument marshalling some of the advantages and disadvantages, where appropriate, with well selected authority or evidence
  • adequate, although incomplete, knowledge of the subject; some factual errors
  • reasonable, although flawed, ability to select and interpret appropriate material/authority
  • a written style not entirely appropriate for study at the level of work

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